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Our Code of Conduct


W.L. McLeod Elementary School


Our McLeod Code of Conduct applies to all students, staff and parents during regular school hours, during any school sponsored activities and in other circumstances where engaging in the activity will have an impact on the school environment..  Our Code of Conduct is in place to ensure that we all work and learn in a safe, caring and orderly environment.


It is expected that students will respect the diversity of our school community and the BC Human Rights Code which prohibits discrimination on the grounds of: Ancestry, colour, family or marital status; physical or mental disability; place of origin, race, religion; sex; sexual orientation; gender identity or expression and age. (SD 91 Policy No. 502)


Members of the McLeod family will:

Be Respectful – Be considerate of all people and property.

Try Hard – Arrive on time, have good attendance and practice good work habits.

Show Good Citizenship – Demonstrate Proud to be McLeod citizenship qualities including positive attitude, attention to academics, service to the school, leadership and sportsmanship.

Dress Properly – Wear clothes that are acceptable for school.

Obey the Law – Always say no to drugs and alcohol.

Work & Play Safely – Be mindful of others and avoid dangerous and unsafe situations.

Take Part in School Activities – Be positive, enjoy school, smile, have fun and appreciate the opportunities the school offers.


School Wide Expectations for Behaviour

  1. Be accountable to the Code of Conduct , dress code, technology policy and classroom rules.
  2. When inside the school, walk in the halls (watching out for others) and play quietly during free time.
  3. Do not leave the school grounds without permission from the principal.
  4. No swearing, fighting, bullying and any type of physical and verbal abuse.
  5. Line up orderly for meals and eat lunch quietly in their classrooms.
  6. Keep the school and rooms clean and free from litter and vandalism.
  7. Be in the gym only when supervised, stay off the stage and not play around the gym doors.
  8. Do not chew gum in the school.
  9. Walk with bikes and skateboards while on school property during school hours.

In winter months:

  1. Do not throw snowballs nor bring snow into the school.
  2. Do not play “King of the Hill” nor push people off snow hills.

All bus students will follow the above rules plus:

  1. Line-up orderly for the bus with no “jumping line” or reserving a spot.
  2. Enter and exit the bus in single file without horseplay.




  • Failure to comply with posted classroom rules
  • Failure to comply with School’s Code of Conduct and Rules
  • Running and boisterous behaviour
  • Loitering
  • Disobedience
  • Littering
  • Cheating/lying
  • Teasing
  • Continued lack of effort in class or towards studies
  • Behaviour that disrupts the orderly process of learning
  • Unexcused absences / skipping
  • Late to school/classes
  • Aggressive, threatening behaviour
  • Rude / disrespectful behaviour and language / swearing.
  • Theft
  • Vandalism / graffiti
  • Extortion
  • Fighting or violent behaviour
  • Possession, sale and use of illegal substances including alcohol
  • Offensive language / gestures and aggressive behaviour directed at adults
  • Pulling fire alarm without justification
  • Harassment
  • Intimidation
  • Any kind of bullying*


* Bullying

McLeod is a no-bully zone.  Incidences of bullying are to be reported and will be addressed by staff immediate and seriously.  Bullying includes verbal abuse, gestural abuse, physical abuse, relational bullying, cyberbullying and sexual harassment.





Behaviours that violate the McLeod Code of Conduct and infringe on the rights of anyone else will be addressed in a firm, fair and judicious manner, taking in to account all factors as stated in the BC Human Rights Code.  Due process will be honoured and there will be a focus on consequences that are restorative, rather than punitive, in nature.  Special considerations may apply to students with special needs if these students are unable to comply with the Code of Conduct  due to having a disability of an intellectual, physical or behavioral nature.


All reasonable steps will be taken to prevent retaliation against a person who had made a complaint of a breach of the Code of Conduct.  Unacceptable student behaviours may result in:


Verbal reprimand                                           


Written reprimand                                         

Inter-Ministry involvement

Time Out                                                        

Police involvement


In-School Suspension

Parent meetings                                             

Out of School suspension (1-5 days)


Home schooling

Conflict resolution intervention                    

Suspension to the District Committee

School Based Team intervention                  

Expulsion to the Board of Education       

Behavioural contract