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Our Technology Policy


     Technology refers to cell phones, IPADs, IPODs, video games, cameras, etc.  Technology

      is part of our school in many ways but it must not interfere with our learning, kindness

      and caring. It is expected that students will follow the discretion of the teachers

      regarding technology use for learning. Technology that interferes with a student's

      kindness and caring will be subject to confiscation by an adult.


     Students in grades K to 3 are not to bring technology to school.

     Grade 4 to 6 students may bring technology to school but:

  1. The school takes no responsibility for the technology.
  2. The technology must be left in the student's locker during class time unless requested by the teacher for a learning activity.
  3. Taking pictures, videotaping and recording is not allowed (including by cell phone).
  4. Technology is not to be used during a lockdown.
  5. Students must follow the W.L. McLeod Responsible Internet Use Policy.
  6. Students must follow all COVID-19 Guidelines while using technology including minimizing physical contact and not touching things that belong to others.
​​​    If a student does not follow the above policy: 
  1. the technology will be confiscated and given to the principal,
  2. the parent/guardian will be asked to come to the school to claim the technology, and
  3. the student may not be permitted to bring any technology to school for the remainder of the school year.