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Our Farm to School Program

Our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) prepares meals five days a week, using the Farm to School program. This is a wonderful program as we here at W. L. McLeod are very fortunate to have healthy meals prepared for us, using as much locally grown foods as possible. There will be a hand sanitizer station to be used by all students before entering the salad bar line-up.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that after sanitizing, students MUST NOT TOUCH their faces, hair or clothing, or other students.

Mrs. Heather Campbell-Stewart, and Mrs. Alona Santos, are the PAC Farm-to-School champions but they will be needing lots of additional volunteers on special event days. If you are able to help, please send an email to
[email protected] or contact them at the school.  Heather and Alona would love to get your menu ideas, but please keep in mind that the Guidelines for Foods Served in BC Schools must be followed.

The price for a student meal is $5.00, however, if you pre-pay & pre-order at least 10 meals in a month then each meal is discounted to $4.50. A subsidy program is also available.

Students should hand in their orders before 9:00am. If a child comes to school without a lunch, we will try to contact the parents, to confirm that they should be supplied with a meal. They will be charged for the meal. If there is a field trip and you’ve pre-paid for a Hot Lunch, a bagged lunch will be sent with your child on the field trip. Please keep track of the dates you have pre-ordered Hot Lunch. Please pay in advance with the monthly or weekly menus. Please do not charge meals.
Morning snacks are not provided by the program. Be sure to send a snack for your child.
Forks, spoons, etc, are not provided for students who bring their own lunch.
Students that are absent on a day that they have ordered a lunch will receive a credit on a day of their choice, (please plan ahead). A credit slip will be issued for missed meals, please send your child with that slip(s) when s/he would like to use their credit.
If a student comes to school late, they will need to advise me.
Also, our Backpack program is in need of 500mL food containers. Please send them to the office with your child if you have any you would like to rehome.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Aimee van den Berg, our School Meals Coordinator.